BeLive Fitness. As a reverse description of the project, we can truly say that this is the best gym in Bucharest. Not only in terms of design, but also in terms of service quality.

Being involved in this project, was another challenge we accepted in a heartbeat. From our first meeting with the client, we knew that our quality and design standards will meet the expectation but now without pushing us out of our comfort zone.

When we started the project it was only a 500 sqm floor, the first floor in a two story building. The task was to expand the space with another 500 sqm floor, with a completely new metallic structure.

The full black interior theme was the perfect choice, relying on the TechnoGYM equipment for the yellow accents.

Talking about the interior design and the challenges of the project can take days, but the main ideas were the industrial look that defined the raw image of a gym, the wood flooring to compensate the coldness of the black and the quotes from the mirrors.


BeLive Fitness




1000 sqm


The unique and most important feature of the project is the lighting system, more exactly the net of led strips. We called it The GRID. Fully custom made, from A to Z, the project took one week in simulation and BIM planning, and almost 2 weeks for the actual installment. Consisting of 1000 meters of special aluminium profiles, hanged with more than 2000 cables, 2000 meters of LED light, and more than 1 km of cable, The GRID became the signature style of BeLIVE FITNESS.

And to get back to the roots of the project, we can truly say that strength, power and courage are the ingredients of both a great interior gym but also a great mind and body. So interior design and gym workouts are similar as disciplines.

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