Bucharest HUB


The HUB. This is the story. This are the first words that described the project. The client,, is the largest real estate agency in Eastern Europe, an agency that has more than 40 real estates projects in portfolio in value of more than 2 billion euros.

So, the need of a large office place was obvious so the challenge began with a certain number in mind, 60 agents in one place. But still we had the desire to create a workspace not an office space. A place where you can work for almost 8 hours and not feeling exhausted and stressed.

The solution was a hybrid space, a space where we combined the office items with lounge and funky areas. Dividing the place in themed areas was our main direction, focusing on the office vibes, not only on the work purpose.





200 sqm Bucharest HUB Bucharest HUB Bucharest HUB Bucharest HUB

In the end we managed to have a seaside area, with exotic wood and beach furniture, two workareas with large desks where agents can easily communicate and socialize, a waiting area with large egg-shape armchairs and two meeting areas, one with a light-theme in mine and one with a dark-theme, as a contrast also with the two types of buildings in portfolio, residential and commercial projects.

Working with a premium client, we opted for the best brand to work with, acquiring the ceramic tiles from Marazzi, the vertical radiators from Irsap, decorative paint from San Marco Italy, furniture from and many more high quality products.

The wood panels were custom made from MDF by our specialized contractor company, dConstruct. Having the best items, installed by the best contractor team in Bucharest, made the project develop fast and under budget.

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