Sometimes you don’t want someone to redo your entire interior. You just know that something is missing but you can’t find out what and time is not on your side.

One of our friends asked us to spice up his interior with minimal intervention. Because the apartment was rented for a limited time only, we had a small budget to make it feel finished and first of all, to feel like home.

The main area of interest was the staircase. The classic scenario was waiting for us: a plain wood staircase that was already exposing cracks and paint fatigue. Underneath the staircase, the original owner thought it will be very nice to place the heating boiler and a small open storage room.

We agreed that we need to close that area, and transform that small place in a classic storage room.

For the staircase we wrapped the steps in 2tec2 Diamond Roll. The material is both very nice but also provided some extra safety for this narrow staircase.

In the end we replaced the handrail with tempered glass and we custom-made an abstract oversize wall-art to fill the white huge walls. For this kind of situations, where the wall paint is not perfect, and you want a temporary wall art, that won’t peel the paint layer when removed, we recommend Oracal 638 Wall Art.

For the second area of interest, the living room, we made a custom shelf system, with cables and painted mdf shelves. The interior was already clean and simple so we didn’t wanted to overfill it with furniture.

The existing lighting system was actually one type of ceiling light, copy pasted in every room, no matter the function. So we got the same light in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, balcony. As we all know, this is far from a decent interior design look.

So we replaced all the lights with different style items. We used some basic lights from Faro Barcelona for the technical areas, kitchen and hallways and for the bedroom and living we used the Diesel Rock Pendant from Foscarini and the Diesel Rock Floor.

With some other small interventions, in just one week we transformed the apartment in something that looked both finished but also enjoyable to live in.


Private German Client

What we did

3D project / Interior Design / Graphic Art / Custom Works / Project Execution / Acquisition / Glass Work


3500 – 4500 euros

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