After 5 months of do’s and undo’s, our clients called for help. With only 2 weeks at our disposal for both concept but also execution of the project, everything was on fastforward. After one day of brainstorming and sketching, we send them the 3d project and the rest of the details.

After only 48 hours since our first meeting, the project was already in work.

For the walls we got faux bricks and a special chalkboard paint from Benjamin Moore. As for the ceiling we used a special paint that can transform a surface in design concrete with ease.

We sacrificed one large opening and transformed that area in one high bar that in warm days can be used from inside but also from the terrace, transforming the bistro in a eat-drink-social pub.

To complete the interior design, we made two metal structure, where we added both satin-ice light boxes and also wood pots with flowers.

The main wall of the interior was made fully covered in plywood with led lights. The wood stripes were continued to the ceiling giving a more tridimensional feeling to the design.


Bellini Restaurant Bucharest

What we did

Concept / interior design / 3D project / Execution / Custom Works / Branding / Menu design / Furniture


3000 – 5000 euros

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