One of our premium clients, asked us to redo their entire Bucharest Office. As a web-oriented bussines with clients worldwide, the company was located in a 6 floor building in Dorobanti Area, one of the most important business center in Bucharest.

However the rented building was at it’s third rent cycle and problems were showing up constantly. So, it was a sure thing that the entire interior was in need of serious remodeling.

The challenge was, not only the large square meter area, not the short deadline, but the most important request of the client: that the project must be done without closing the building. As a call-center, silence and clean spaces are a must, so this was a secondary challenge.

As far as concept, taking into consideration that you can travel worldwide with, from seaside to high mountains, we knew that the office design needs to reflect that in some way. So we colour coded the floors, just like the altitude is color coded on maps.

The ground floor was the sea level, with blue accent, going up until the 6th floor, where we had some tints of light gray, just like the mountains.

For the company to go further without us affecting their business, we had to work also at night, and one floor at the time. This made the delivery on time seem  impossible. For the floors we used a charcoal tile carpet, installed in a removable manner so it can be uninstalled when the rent contract ended. The walls were replaced with glass walls wrapped in custom made graphic art. For the glass art we combined transparent and translucent vinyl, having the perfect balance between transparency and privacy.

The furniture was custom-build by us in our workshop, made after we analyzed each job description, taking into consideration cable managment, the screen size, mouse pad, desktop unit, headphones, and many other small things. Each floor had a different style in terms of furniture, including a different color scheme.

On every floor, we installed japanese curtains, that can filter the light and stomp the glare effect on desktop monitors.

Been an office design project, we had to do a major intervention, both in terms of design but also functionality, without disturbing the workflow. This was the main challenge and, in the end, we are proud to say that we managed to accomplish that.

CUSTOMER call-center

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Concept / 3D project / Interior Design / Office Design / Custom-made furniture / Execution / Custom Works / Branding / Design Consulting


60000 – 70000 euros

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