Our history

We at dConcept base our activity on a past rich in knowledge, experience and deep meaning of aesthetics.

Starting from its inception, our company created new concepts, passing on from one generation to the other its passion for design, quality and individual character of the projects.

Since 1992 our team has developed its sense of creation and specialized to the point of covering each aspect of a project, including design ideas, technical solutions and plain execution of each stage.

Today, the result of continuous innovation and improvement, is a team of professionals ready to bring distinction and an individual note of fineness to your project, with great ideas, perfect solutions and quality work in finishes.

Our vision

Design, create, bring to life!

We strive to offer you an experience, not just a process of modeling your space, which is why we bring to each project innovative designs which capture the character of our customer in detail.

We aim to continuously develop the concept of design, and bring the meaning of excellence to a higher level than before.

Each project has its challenges and we are qualified in overcoming them, through a strong specialized team, working together and individually on each aspect of a project.


There is more to design than aesthetics or functionality. Each project is unique not only by its features but also through the fact that it should represent our customer, which is why we build projects that come in a strong connection with our customers personality and always meet and exceed expectations.

Combining our design skills with a professional construction team and a portfolio with some of the top manufacturers in Europe, the result is given to be a unique and sophisticated space, ingraining a timeless print of elegance perfectly blended with functionality.

Despre noi

During this complex process we strive to offer our customer a pleasant experience with less stress, making it easier to take the next step.

This is why we put at your disposal a complete range of services which will support your project from the start until the last detail.

dConcept team will start by programming and planning the space according to your needs, followed by a range of architecture and interior design ideas perfectly adapted onto the specific of the space and customer requirements, continuing with a selection of each item included in your project (materials, finishing, furniture or lighting).

Along with the architecture and interior design services, you can always expand your requests, reaching up to our IT design team which provides complete services for your website design.


Our aim is to create uncommon and unique spaces, which serve as testimony for the highest level of quality in the field of interior design, permanently engaging with the customer requirements and satisfaction.

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Our Team

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